graduation collection

motion design/stop-motion/video – 2018 – school/personal project – vjing – After Effects/Premiere Pro

Our last project from high school, it gets me nostalgic…

We had to organize a runway in our school. Alone. With everything that goes with it. So my friend and I decided that we were gonna create a vjing for the runway. In a span of two weeks we created one stop-motion, one animation and four videos. Each creation had a different purpose : three groups created the clothes, so there were three different atmosphere and we needed to make a creation for each group. We then decided to try different methods : stop-motion, animation, and video. We all worked together to create a runway that we were all extremely proud of.


Due to technical reasons, we couldn’t put the music on the videos but you can check the songs down below, as well as the performance.

The songs used during the runway and the cover were also created by people from our class. You can check the songs on soundcloud.

Last but not least, the performance !