movie trailer

motion design – 2020 – workshop – Illustrator/C4D

« In groups of 3, you’re gonna have to do a trailer for a movie with at least one 3D element, so you can see how 3D works. » « Hey guys, let’s do full 3D ! » And that’s how we ended up with 3 computers exporting for 130 hours…

With a list of films to choose from, we decided on Parasite by Bong Joon Ho. Our trailer is mainly based on the idea of hierarchy and the rise and fall in society. The principle is quite simple as we wanted to focus on discovering 3D.

So I really want to thank my friends Melina (big work on the camera and the overall structure for the traveling) and Sarah (our sound designer and texture creator) whom I(3D designer and apparently lighting designer)’ve worked with. You guys are gold !