global communication – 2020-2021 – school project – Cinema4D/Illustrator/Photoshop/Adobe XD/HTML/JAVA Ongoing description Sarah Gaylina Loane Alexia


Mineed illustration/application – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Adobe XD What is a beautiful shape ? What does it look like ? This question was the start of a project leading to the creation of an application. After creating diverse shapes and defining them, we brainstormed application ideas and visuals. I decided to go with […]

Monstroplant Monstroplant Sound Design/Motion Design – 2020 – school project – Studio One/Premiere Pro « Dude, we’re doing a podcast it’s awesome ! » Doing a podcast (which looked more like an audio serie in the end) was a new experience. First, working on the narrative by adapting a pre-existing story from an audio only perspective, then […]

Daoko – FMV daoko-fmv motion-design – 2020 – personal project – Photography/After Effect I really loved Daoko’s song  御伽の街 (Otogi no machi) so I just had to animate it. I wanted to try rotoscoping and pixel art for a while and this seemed like the right occasion.

Recreation Re-creation video – 2020 – personal project – Premiere Pro This video is a promotion video for a contest the fashion students of our school participated in.  With a group from our class, we filmed, arranged the lights and took the sound recording. Then two of us decided to edit it, and mine was […]

Détours & traboules Detours & traboules video/motion-design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects Promoting not so well known parts of the city to tourists from around the world, using different mediums. If « détour » has the same meaning in english, « traboule » is a french word used to describe a passage through a courtyard. You can […]

Movie trailer movie trailer motion design – 2020 – workshop – Illustrator/C4D « In groups of 3, you’re gonna have to do a trailer for a movie with at least one 3D element, so you can see how 3D works. » « Hey guys, let’s do full 3D ! » And that’s how we ended up with 3 computers exporting […]


Fenetre motion design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/After Effects « Il n’est pas d’objet plus profond, plus mystérieux, plus fécond, plus ténébreux, plus éblouissant qu’une fenêtre éclairée d’une chandelle » A part of the city I study in is undergoing important architectural changes that will lead to the re-housing of numerous people. This project aim […]

Emotions Emotions video – 2018 – school project – video about our workshop  Feelings are a strange thing, but emotions are even stranger things. (Sorry) This video is the report of a Workshop named « Exposer/s’exposer » (exhibiting and exposing), based on the emotions I felt during this week.

Esmeralda esmeralda motion design – 2019 – school project – type specimen – illustrator/After Effects « Amelia you get Esmeralda ». Oh, that’s gonna be challenging. For this project we had to create an animated type specimen on a font chosen by random. My font was Esmeralda Pro. Because this font is so expressive in itself, my […]