Music video spring jungle motion design – 2018 – school project – animating a music – Illustrator/After Effects Royalty free music websites are an endless pit of discovery. You browse and browse for what feels like hours, and finally, something catches your ears, that’s nice ! I like that feeling. That feeling you get when you […]

Tri time

Tri time animatic – 2019 – school project – animatic for a recycling project – pictures/Illustrator/Photoshop Being in art school, we use a lot of paper. This project started with the idea that we should reuse failed prints and failed photocopies as scrap paper instead of putting it in the trash. The product design students […]


Gifographie animation – 2018 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop « Ce n’est pas un chat à prendre sans gants » This weird looking cat is from a project in which we had to animate a french expression. The one I chose could be translated as « this is not a cat to be taken without gloves » and means […]

Je ne m’en lace pas

Je ne m’en lace pas stop motion – 2018 – school project – gif from a flipbook – ink/Photoshop How do you tie your shoelaces ?  Have you ever noticed how the laces get in contact with each other, slide against one another, entertwine, tangle up and… And it doesn’t seem like I’m talking about […]

Crise migratoire Crise migratoire animation – 2019 – school project – kinetic typography about migration This project is a really baeutiful one as it deals with migration and immigration For this project, it was asked of us to translate the idea of migraiton to a letter, making it move and changing its shape. The end goal […]

Graduation collection !

graduation collection motion design/stop-motion/video – 2018 – school/personal project – vjing – After Effects/Premiere Pro Our last project from high school, it gets me nostalgic… We had to organize a runway in our school. Alone. With everything that goes with it. So my friend and I decided that we were gonna create a vjing for […]