Détours & traboules

http://ameliabakouri.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Amelia_detours_traboules_H.264.mp4 Detours & traboules video/motion-design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects Promoting not so well known parts of the city to tourists from around the world, using different mediums. If « détour » has the same meaning in english, « traboule » is a french word used to describe a passage through a courtyard. You can […]

Je ne m’en lace pas

Je ne m’en lace pas stop motion – 2018 – school project – gif from a flipbook – ink/Photoshop How do you tie your shoelaces ?  Have you ever noticed how the laces get in contact with each other, slide against one another, entertwine, tangle up and… And it doesn’t seem like I’m talking about […]

Graduation collection !

graduation collection motion design/stop-motion/video – 2018 – school/personal project – vjing – After Effects/Premiere Pro Our last project from high school, it gets me nostalgic… We had to organize a runway in our school. Alone. With everything that goes with it. So my friend and I decided that we were gonna create a vjing for […]