Monstroplant Monstroplant Sound Design/Motion Design – 2020 – school project – Studio One/Premiere Pro « Dude, we’re doing a podcast it’s awesome ! » Doing a podcast (which looked more like an audio serie in the end) was a new experience. First, working on the narrative by adapting a pre-existing story from an audio only perspective, then […]

Recreation Re-creation video – 2020 – personal project – Premiere Pro This video is a promotion video for a contest the fashion students of our school participated in.  With a group from our class, we filmed, arranged the lights and took the sound recording. Then two of us decided to edit it, and mine was […]

Détours & traboules Detours & traboules video/motion-design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects Promoting not so well known parts of the city to tourists from around the world, using different mediums. If « détour » has the same meaning in english, « traboule » is a french word used to describe a passage through a courtyard. You can […]

Emotions Emotions video – 2018 – school project – video about our workshop  Feelings are a strange thing, but emotions are even stranger things. (Sorry) This video is the report of a Workshop named « Exposer/s’exposer » (exhibiting and exposing), based on the emotions I felt during this week.

Tri time

Tri time animatic – 2019 – school project – animatic for a recycling project – pictures/Illustrator/Photoshop Being in art school, we use a lot of paper. This project started with the idea that we should reuse failed prints and failed photocopies as scrap paper instead of putting it in the trash. The product design students […]

Graduation collection !

graduation collection motion design/stop-motion/video – 2018 – school/personal project – vjing – After Effects/Premiere Pro Our last project from high school, it gets me nostalgic… We had to organize a runway in our school. Alone. With everything that goes with it. So my friend and I decided that we were gonna create a vjing for […]