FIghting online pedophilia

fighting online pedophilia master thesis – 2020-2021 – school project – Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Issus d’un projet de diplôme sur la cyberpédophilie. Description en cours You can read the full version in french here The printed version contains 5 leaflets. Each corresponds to an important part of the text. Précédent Suivant


global communication – 2020-2021 – school project – Cinema4D/Illustrator/Photoshop/Adobe XD/HTML/JAVA Ongoing description Sarah Gaylina Loane Alexia


Mineed illustration/application – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Adobe XD What is a beautiful shape ? What does it look like ? This question was the start of a project leading to the creation of an application. After creating diverse shapes and defining them, we brainstormed application ideas and visuals. I decided to go with […]

Live model drawings

Live model drawings live model drawing – 2020 – school project – charcoal/oil pastel/ink/pencils Live drawings on paper and kraft, roughly 80*60cm. Pose ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

Les Jours Sang

Les Jours Sang global communication – 2020 – personal group project – Illustrator/Wix Les Jours Sang is ongoing project launched by Valentine Ambroggi in 2020. The goal is to distribute sanitary protection in the school’s toilets. I am assigned at the communication team. For the communication we needed a logo, posters (to tease the project […]

Jack the ripper Jack the ripper Digital edition – 2020 – school project – Pandasuite/Photoshop/Indesign « Your letter for this digital edition is called From Hell » « Sounds promising » Each student was given a letter and had to tell a story based on its content. Mine was Jack the Ripper’s first letter to Scotlad Yard. I tried to bring […]

Formes de communication Forms of communication interactive – 2020 – school project – Pandasuite/Illustrator What is digital communication, how does it work and what are the codes ? What does the digital bring to communication ? Ater finding exemples and analysing them, we tried to answer these questions.

Détours & traboules Detours & traboules video/motion-design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects Promoting not so well known parts of the city to tourists from around the world, using different mediums. If « détour » has the same meaning in english, « traboule » is a french word used to describe a passage through a courtyard. You can […]

The collector

The collector design thinking/ideation/UX-UI – 2019 – school project – design thinking/indesign/illustrator « Today, you will be meeting with a collector to help you get a better understanding of their passion » The Collector project is a lot different from all the others we had ever done. The goal was not to create a project but to […]

Emotions Emotions video – 2018 – school project – video about our workshop  Feelings are a strange thing, but emotions are even stranger things. (Sorry) This video is the report of a Workshop named « Exposer/s’exposer » (exhibiting and exposing), based on the emotions I felt during this week.