FIghting online pedophilia

fighting online pedophilia master thesis – 2020-2021 – school project – Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Issus d’un projet de diplôme sur la cyberpédophilie. Description en cours You can read the full version in french here The printed version contains 5 leaflets. Each corresponds to an important part of the text. Précédent Suivant


global communication – 2020-2021 – school project – Cinema4D/Illustrator/Photoshop/Adobe XD/HTML/JAVA Ongoing description Sarah Gaylina Loane Alexia

Jack the ripper Jack the ripper Digital edition – 2020 – school project – Pandasuite/Photoshop/Indesign « Your letter for this digital edition is called From Hell » « Sounds promising » Each student was given a letter and had to tell a story based on its content. Mine was Jack the Ripper’s first letter to Scotlad Yard. I tried to bring […]