Esmeralda esmeralda motion design – 2019 – school project – type specimen – illustrator/After Effects « Amelia you get Esmeralda ». Oh, that’s gonna be challenging. For this project we had to create an animated type specimen on a font chosen by random. My font was Esmeralda Pro. Because this font is so expressive in itself, my […]

Typography notebook

Typography notebook typography – 2019 – personal project – reproducing and analysing fonts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Cinema book

cinema notebook illustration – 2019 – school project – drawing scenes from films social network ratatouille blade runner social network pencil – coal RATATOUILLE pencil – coal Blade runner watercolor – ink

Tri time

Tri time animatic – 2019 – school project – animatic for a recycling project – pictures/Illustrator/Photoshop Being in art school, we use a lot of paper. This project started with the idea that we should reuse failed prints and failed photocopies as scrap paper instead of putting it in the trash. The product design students […]


Subway traditional illustration – 2018 – school project – dry pastels / markers / color pencils Illustrating everyday actions.  I chose to to illustrate the subway as it allowed me to translate different representations of movement. The largest drawing is roughly 50*50cm, the others are approximatively 50*30cm. Précédent Suivant

Crise migratoire Crise migratoire animation – 2019 – school project – kinetic typography about migration This project is a really baeutiful one as it deals with migration and immigration For this project, it was asked of us to translate the idea of migraiton to a letter, making it move and changing its shape. The end goal […]

Everyday drawings

Everyday drawings traditional illustration – 2018 – school project – pencils/ink/pens/markers/watercolor It was asked of us to sketch places, actions or situations from our everyday life. Here are some of the drawings that came out of this exercise. They usually took between 5 and 20 minutes to make.


electro edition/illustration – 2017 – school project – illustrating a song This project is a book illustrating the song Radioactivity by Kraftwerk.  The illustrations were based on the monotony but slow crescendo of the song, as well as the radioactivity itself for the color and the composition. Everything was done on Photoshop.