global communication – 2020-2021 – school project – Cinema4D/Illustrator/Photoshop/Adobe XD/HTML/JAVA Ongoing description Sarah Gaylina Loane Alexia

Jack the ripper Jack the ripper Digital edition – 2020 – school project – Pandasuite/Photoshop/Indesign « Your letter for this digital edition is called From Hell » « Sounds promising » Each student was given a letter and had to tell a story based on its content. Mine was Jack the Ripper’s first letter to Scotlad Yard. I tried to bring […]

Détours & traboules Detours & traboules video/motion-design – 2020 – school project – Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere Pro/After Effects Promoting not so well known parts of the city to tourists from around the world, using different mediums. If « détour » has the same meaning in english, « traboule » is a french word used to describe a passage through a courtyard. You can […]

Emotions Emotions video – 2018 – school project – video about our workshop  Feelings are a strange thing, but emotions are even stranger things. (Sorry) This video is the report of a Workshop named « Exposer/s’exposer » (exhibiting and exposing), based on the emotions I felt during this week.

Esmeralda esmeralda motion design – 2019 – school project – type specimen – illustrator/After Effects « Amelia you get Esmeralda ». Oh, that’s gonna be challenging. For this project we had to create an animated type specimen on a font chosen by random. My font was Esmeralda Pro. Because this font is so expressive in itself, my […]

Typography notebook

Typography notebook typography – 2019 – personal project – reproducing and analysing fonts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Tri time

Tri time animatic – 2019 – school project – animatic for a recycling project – pictures/Illustrator/Photoshop Being in art school, we use a lot of paper. This project started with the idea that we should reuse failed prints and failed photocopies as scrap paper instead of putting it in the trash. The product design students […]

Crise migratoire Crise migratoire animation – 2019 – school project – kinetic typography about migration This project is a really baeutiful one as it deals with migration and immigration For this project, it was asked of us to translate the idea of migraiton to a letter, making it move and changing its shape. The end goal […]