global communication – 2020-2021 – school project – Cinema4D/Illustrator/Photoshop/Adobe XD/HTML/JAVA Ongoing description Sarah Gaylina Loane Alexia

Les Jours Sang

Les Jours Sang global communication – 2020 – personal group project – Illustrator/Wix Les Jours Sang is ongoing project launched by Valentine Ambroggi in 2020. The goal is to distribute sanitary protection in the school’s toilets. I am assigned at the communication team. For the communication we needed a logo, posters (to tease the project […]

Formes de communication Forms of communication interactive – 2020 – school project – Pandasuite/Illustrator What is digital communication, how does it work and what are the codes ? What does the digital bring to communication ? Ater finding exemples and analysing them, we tried to answer these questions.

The collector

The collector design thinking/ideation/UX-UI – 2019 – school project – design thinking/indesign/illustrator « Today, you will be meeting with a collector to help you get a better understanding of their passion » The Collector project is a lot different from all the others we had ever done. The goal was not to create a project but to […]